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Secrets to Understanding Food and Cooking: Blogs for Everyone

Do you have questions about food? Are you wondering why so many people don't eat gluten? Are you curious about why curry tastes so delicious on toast? Do you want to learn new techniques? Do you want to read about tips for dining out? If you've answered yes to any of those questions, I invite you to read my blog. In this space. I am going to post everything I can think about food and cooking. First let me tell you about me. I used to work as a chef, but now, I'm in marketing. I still love to cook at home. I've travelled through much of the world, and I love trying new things. I plan to bring all of those elements and experience to this blog. Thanks for reading!


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Comfort food after a hard day

Sometimes you'll have a hard day and just want someone to take over the cooking and offer you some comfort food. Here are some ideas that can be comforting, delicious and much easier to get from a restaurant than to make at home. 


While you can always reheat a lasagne at home, it will always taste like a reheated meal. A freshly made lasagne can be quite time-consuming to prepare from scratch including a meat sauce and a bechamel sauce to help it cling. Restaurants can prepare these meals easily and the combination of richness and complex taste can be a great option for a comfort meal. Italian restaurants are usually a great option to get a tasty lasagne as quickly as you can order the meal. 


Another classic comfort food is a risotto. Rich and creamy, this meal hits all of the requirements for a tasty and easy to consume meal but tends to be time consuming and a little finicky to prepare at home. It requires careful monitoring and stirring to reach the ideal texture, and if you are not feeling up to cooking, it can be great to get your risotto from a kitchen where they can imbue it with attention required to have a truly spectacular taste and comforting texture. 

Fresh noodles

A fresh noodle dish doesn't take long to prepare in the final instance, but much of the richness of the flavour comes from carefully prepared stocks, freshly made noodles and fresh picked herbs and vegetables. This requires a lot of planning and shopping that can seem hard to manage if you are busy and stressed. Often it can be just as easy to head into your local noodle store and get an expertly prepared noodle dish. 


There is a growing movement of toast cafes that specialise in the perfect serving of toast. Toast is one of the ultimate comfort foods as many people associate it with childhood illness, feeling nervous or having an unsettled tummy. Many of these restaurants serve toast round the clock and can be a comforting option if you are looking for something really simple. 

If you don't feel like cooking, it can often be easier to get your dinner from a specialty restaurant. Many comfort foods can be more easily and expertly prepared by a restaurant as they have the time and energy to prepare a full range of meals each night.