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Secrets to Understanding Food and Cooking: Blogs for Everyone

Do you have questions about food? Are you wondering why so many people don't eat gluten? Are you curious about why curry tastes so delicious on toast? Do you want to learn new techniques? Do you want to read about tips for dining out? If you've answered yes to any of those questions, I invite you to read my blog. In this space. I am going to post everything I can think about food and cooking. First let me tell you about me. I used to work as a chef, but now, I'm in marketing. I still love to cook at home. I've travelled through much of the world, and I love trying new things. I plan to bring all of those elements and experience to this blog. Thanks for reading!


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Why Is Pizza the Perfect Choice for Your Kid's Sleepover Party?

Okay, so your kid is having some friends over for a sleepover. You've picked up the right movies, collected the numbers of every other parent, and picked up some ear plugs. All you need to do now is decide what to feed the kids.

At the end of the day, ordering out is going to be way easier than making something yourself. Here are just a few reasons why pizza is the best choice by far.

Is Floor Friendly

Sleepovers are all about laying out on the floor in your sleeping bags so you can chat, play video games, or watch movies. The thing about pizza is that it's just convenient. You don't even need cutlery or plates to eat it—you just grab a slice and get cracking. With most other meals, whether cooked at home or ordered from a take-away place, you really need to be sitting at the table to enjoy them, or you at least need to provide plates, forks, and knives.

Provides Options for All

Sure, you could go for something less expected, but how many kids are really going to be into Vietnamese or Ethiopian? Yeah, probably not too many. Even options such as an Indian or Chinese choice can be derailed since there are always one or two kids who are picky. Very few kids don't like pizza, and there are so many toppings that you can create the perfect feast for all guests simply by calling one take-out place. You can even go for half-and-half pizzas to create more choice. Pizza is one versatile son of a gun.

Is Perfect the Day After

If by some miracle all of the pizza at your kid's sleepover isn't guzzled down, you can simply put all the leftover slices back in the box and then slip the box into the fridge. Pizza is actually surprisingly delicious when it's cold, but you can always heat it up again simply by popping it in the oven for a while. If the kids are still ravenous in the morning, what will be more welcome than pizza for breakfast?

Is a Crowd Favourite

Let's face it—it's always nice to be the cool set of parents. You don't really want to be known as the people who try pushing ultra-healthy, grown-up foods on the friends that your kids have over. It's embarrassing for them, and it's embarrassing for you. Ultimately, everyone loves pizza, and that goes double for kids. Nobody is going to complain when you show them the menu, and everyone is going to enjoy filling their stomachs. Pizza is just a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.