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Food Choices to Consider When Catering a Kids' Party

Catering to a children's party is much more difficult than a grown-up party as kinds tend to be picky eaters. As a result, some parents may find it is much simpler to provide the kids' favourite sugary treats just to ensure that the children all get to eat something. The drawback to this is you will find yourself having to deal with kids bouncing off the walls or even worse, children being quite irritable, and children throwing up. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to draw the balance between nutritional foods that will still be tempting to eat. The following are some of the food choices that you could consider when catering for a kids' party.

Have a theme for the food options available

A great way to get children interested in the food available at a party is to have an overall theme that they can get excited about. Whether it is superheroes or their favourite cartoon characters, creating food items that stick to this theme can greatly help in getting the kids to eat healthily. For instance, having a pirate themed party would work great with food options such as fish fingers, a SpongeBob cake, some crabby patty burgers and more. Hiring a professional caterer can make it easy for you to come up with a theme and foods to go with it.

Incorporate a lot of colours and textures

Foods that are bland and boring will not entice the kids to indulge. Therefore, you may want to keep things simple by serving regular potato chips and traditional pies, but some children may find this uninteresting. Instead, think of spicing things up with colour but also choosing healthy options. For instance, kale chips would work great for a jungle theme party, while also providing the kids with a healthy alternative On the other hand, instead of serving boring pies, opt for vegetable quiches that will be colourful and also packed full of nutrition.

Keep food allergies in mind

Food allergies have become a vital consideration when catering to kids' parties, as you never know who may react to what. It would be easier to simply ensure that the food available will not contain the typical ingredients that would induce an allergic reaction, for example nuts or gluten. A catering company can ensure that the food available is gluten-free and non-allergenic. Moreover, you could request in the invitation that any food allergies be communicated to you in advance before the catering menu is settled on.